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Foot Massage*
1 Hour Foot Massage with regular Chinese medcine $40 Cash, Check or paypal
Add Foot Scrub $5
Add Bath Salt $5
1 Hour Foot Massage Gift Card $40 Cash, Check or paypal
Body Massage
30 Minutes$40Cash, check or paypal
60 Minutes$65Cash, paypal or credit card
90 Minutes$95Cash, paypal or credit card
120 Minutes$130Cash, paypal or credit card
1 Hour Body Massage Gift Card $65 Cash, paypal or credit card
Best Combo For A Full Relax
30 Minute Foot Massage + 1 Hour Body Massage$85Cash, paypal or credit card
30 Minute Foot Massage + 30 Minute Body Massage$55Cash, paypal or credit card

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